What is the Merchandise?

Below is a quiz of moderate difficulty.

A lady walked into a shop. Pointing at a merchandise, she asked,

"How much is one?"

The salesperson replied,

"Ten dollars."

"How much is ten?" The lady asked again.

"Twenty dollars."

"How much is one hundred?"

"Thirty dollars."

Question: What is the merchandise?

If you have heard of the quiz before, you will know the answer. Otherwise, it is a bit of squeeze of brain power. Unless you are able to divert yourself from the habitual way of thinking, it may give you a hard time. But when you get the answer, you may think that it probably takes the knowledge of a 12 year-old young person to get the answer. While the 12 year-old may be able to find the answer and you may not. The reason? A 12 year-old person has limited knowledge and experience about the world, and will search for answers in all possible directions. On the other hand, our knowledge and experience  may guide us through our usual or habitual way of thinking and prohibit us from thinking "out of the box" to identify the solution.

If you think you know what the merchandize is, tell me at

Note: This is a quiz that has been around for a long time and been told by many people that the origin is difficult to identify.


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