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Below are some of my thinking and articles. I hope you find them interesting and useful.

I am open to comments and criticism. As a human being of limitation, my knowledge is limited and I can only share with you what I know. I would like to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with me at

The files are in PDF format and the contents are in English unless otherwise specified.

Statement of Originality

Unless otherwise specified with references or citations, the information contained below is my original thinking.


A Model for Analyzing Organizational Performance
(37KB. An illustration on how business competes for value in the internal and external operating environment.)

A Model for the Motivation Process in Consumer Behavior
(22KB. An Illustration on what motivates consumer to purchase a product/service.)

Relationship Marketing: Is It a Paradigm Shift?
(62KB. A Short Paper. The myth of relationship in marketing.)

What is Critical Thinking?

(46KB. In English. A Model for analyzing information for judgment and decision making.)

I hope that one day, we all cherish life
(67KB. in Chinese 繁体. The importance of co-existence and at the same time competing for finite resources.)

Meaning of life

(76KB. In Chinese 繁体. The value of finding meanings in life.)


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Articles & Thinking

Model for Analyzing Organizational Performance

Model for Motivation Process in Consumer Behavior

Relationship Marketing - Is It a Paradigm Shift?

What is Critical Thinking?
(In English)

Meaning of Life
(In Chinese)

I Hope that One Day,
We All Cherish Life
(In Chinese)

Test Your Critical Thinking Skill:

What is the Merchandise?

Trapped Without Options

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